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The UK Council for Psychotherapy

In early 2020, UKCP commissioned Wattle to work with them as strategic technology partners to discover, design and develop a new Umbraco CMS website centered around an innovative and intuitive Find a Therapist tool.

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Functional Design PROJECT OVERVIEW

This new UKCP website aimed to make the Find a Therapist tool more accessible and to ensure vulnerable individuals, and those in need of help, could find what they needed when they needed it.

The first challenge was to ensure there was a clear understanding of the diverse range of user personas who would be engaging with the UKCP website. Those looking to train in psychotherapy and those looking for support were identified as the primary website user personas. There were a host of other persona types including members, professional commissioners, policymakers, the media and training partners who needed to be considered.

The project started with an extensive user research project with primary and secondary research stages, which enabled us to develop detailed user personas and content maps and define core journeys and needs.

Flexible Content Management

The design approach also played a leading role in the website’s successful outcomes. The result is contemporary, bright and makes users feel safe with its use of carefully curated imagery and serif fonts. This design, paired with a streamlined navigation shaped by extensive user research, has been at the core of this website’s success.

The aesthetic itself is not limited by templates or defined structures. Instead, the website is built in a modular way, with a clearly defined style guide, allowing each page to be configured in a way that is fit for purpose and not restricted by rigid templates. This provides maximum flexibility for website content editors whilst ensuring content and styling is reflective of the brand.


Find a Therapist

Perhaps the most fundamental element of the website is the ‘Find a Therapist Tool’. Find a Therapist allows those seeking therapy to find therapists based on several attributes and to refine their search appropriately. Members who are accredited by UKCP can create a profile and are encouraged to promote their psychotherapeutic expertise to reach those seeking therapy.

The development of the Find a Therapist Tool came at a pivotal time, providing valuable support to individuals most in need during national lockdown. Since the websites launch just 4 months ago, there have been significant positive impacts for the UKCP and its stakeholders


User Feedback 

“I have just looked at the new UKCP website, and I think it looks fantastic. Its easy to navigate which is so important. Searching for a therapist can be really difficult and daunting and the way their website is designed makes it easy and straightforward.” (Non-UKCP Member)

“Whoop, whoop! UKCP has a fancy new website. Looking for a therapist? There’s a superb search tool and you can be reassured everyone on there is qualified to the highest levels.” (UKCP Member).